James M Myers

Manager: 3G Management. 310-855-4054
Dallas Agent - Campbell Agency. 214-522-8991


Days of Our Lives Recurring NBC/Various
Game Night Recurring PILOT - Web Series/Dylan Strickland
Fran's High Life Guest-Star PILOT/Francis Friday
Crimes That Shook The World Co-Star PILOT/Andy Webb


Clash Lead Dir: Alireza Zafaranchi
3 Seconds Lead Dir: Ivan Rodriguez
Over the Shoulder of Sin Lead Dir: Ty Jones
The Career Man Lead Dir: Steven Kraus
Finding Grace Lead Dir: Alton Glass
The Mansfield Memoirs Starring Dir: Jeff Prahl
Curtain Rods Starring Dir: Mary Ann Watkins
The Trace Supporting Dir: Pascal Atuma
Blood Scarab Supporting Dir: Donald Glut
Lucretia Supporting Dir: Dan Peters
Neewolloh Supporting Dir: Karin Reynolds
Raising Jeffrey Dahmer Supporting Dir: Rich Ambler
Song of The Dead Supporting Dir: Chip Gubera
The Piggy Bank Supporting Dir: Brandon Nguyen
Man's Best Friend Supporting Dir: Ty Jones


Hurry! Dude The American Heartland
Marred Bliss Jeery The American Heartland


List Available Upon Request


Acting: The Lyndon Technique - Master Class with Amy Lyndon, Brian Reise, Bill Howey, Andy Garrison

Commercial: Carolyne Barry, Heather Laird

Weapons: Marksman, 9mm, 45cal, M14, M79 Grenade Launcher, 50cal, Shotgun

Sports: Running, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Water Skiing, Weightlifting, Aerobics, Skydiving, Snorkeling, Golf, Bowling, Bicycling, Motorcycling, Billiards, Foosball, Horseback Riding, Archery, Ping-Pong, Roller Skating

Additional: Public/Corporate Speaker, Writer, Heavy Equipment Operator


"It was an absolute delight working with James. He very much thinks about what it is I'm trying to achieve in each scene, works hard to deliver that character and needs very few takes. He parks his ego at the door and arrives on set, on time, ready to go. Best of all, he's quite flexible and low key, so when things need to change quickly, he takes it in stride and goes with the flow. I'm looking forward to working with James again!"

Brad Bolling - Producer/Director, White Rain Films

"James had a substantial role in my movie BLOOD SCARAB. He came onto set fully prepared, knew all of his lines (and he had a LOT of them), played the character exactly as I wanted him to, and did an excellent performance. And this was a VERY late night shoot. Needless to say, I look forward to working with James again."

Donald F. Glut - Director, Frontline Entertainment Inc.

""I recently had the pleasure of working with James Myers. I cast James as the lead in "3 Seconds" and was very pleased with his ability to take direction and his willingness to work with other actors to put them at ease in what might otherwise be an uncomfortable situation. Not to mention he arrived early and stayed late. I will certainly consider him for future roles as well."

Ivan Vatez Rodriguez - Producer, Palindrome Pictures

"As an actor, James exhibits the highest level of preparedness, devotion and professionalism in all of his work. Recently, I cast James as a main character in my film "The Transformation." It was partially shot outdoors in the rain. James was asked to play action roles as well as demanding speaking roles. I am always thrilled to direct James, because he is always on time, is patient, is always prepared, always exhibits a positive attitude and takes the lead in maintaining a good rapport among the cast."

Xavier De Jesus - Executive Director - American Artist Film Festival

"I've worked with James numerous times and he always brings his passion and professionalism to all his work".

Ty Jones - Producer/Director

"James Myers brings an impressive amount of energy to the acting table. He works hard, but is easy to work with. I've always found James to be the consummate professional commercial actor."

Andy Garrison - Director - The Actor Training Studio